Welcome To The Michelle Cameron Collection

A personal, curated collection of URU Silks.

Exquisite hand-dyed silk clothing for women, where elegance meets comfort and your individuality takes center stage. Our collection is a celebration of artistry, designed to make you feel both stunning and at ease.

🌠 For life’s special events as well as for every day

Whether you want to stand out in a crowd or to simply feel comfortable and confident in understated elegance, we have what you are looking for. Our clothing is designed to help you shine.

🌸 Uncompromising Comfort:

We understand that style should never come at the expense of comfort. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted our clothing to be as comfortable as it is stylish. You’ll feel as good as you look.

🌿 Washable Wonder:

Practicality is paramount. Our clothing is not just beautiful but also easy to care for. Simply toss them in the washing machine, and they’ll emerge as vibrant and soft as ever, ready to accompany you on your next adventure.

🦋 A Fit for Every Body

We believe that elegance knows no size. Our clothing is designed with a deep respect for all body types, ensuring a perfect fit that complements your individuality and celebrates your confidence.

🌻 Hand-Dyed Opulence

Each piece in our range is meticulously hand-dyed, resulting in a tapestry of colors that embody uniqueness. No two garments are alike, ensuring that you’re wrapped in a wearable work of art.

🎨 Find your style!

More than just clothing, more than just fashion, our clothing is an expression of individuality, a canvas for your creativity. Original, using gorgeous silk fabrics, hand-dyed, many with unique prints, featuring flowing silhouettes, unusual, whimsical, creations and a multitude of vibrant colors… you will find the styles and the palette which resonate with you.

🛍️ Limited Creations, Infinite Beauty

Our silk pieces are each a labor of love, carefully crafted in limited quantities to ensure their exclusivity. Don’t miss your chance to own a slice of URU paradise.

My Journey

I inherited a love of fashion from my mother – who was a passionate clothing designer.
From the time I could stand, dressing up in my mum’s creations was my favorite pastime!
By the age of 10 or 11 I was sketching designs, which my mother would make into patterns, and – voila! – brightly colored dresses with heavy 60’s influence; replete with cut outs, angles and scandalously short hemlines, would be born!
Slowly, under my mother’s guidance, I learned the art of design, pattern-making and sewing.
She encouraged my natural boldness in design – which has always been one of my trademarks.
Growing up in the electrifying atmosphere of the 1960s in the UK, was a dream for a young, fashion-obsessed designer like me – especially when I moved to London at 18 to attend University. Joy!
I had not realized that my chosen major would seamlessly blend with my love for sewing and design.
As a drama major, I created costumes for our theatre productions and discovered the profound role clothing can play, not only in self-expression, but also in storytelling.
Upon my graduation, I was very surprised to be voted “most likely to be a clothing designer”.
It hadn’t occurred to me as a career choice – and, at the time, I had other plans!

As I embarked on my spiritual quest, design took a back seat – only to re-emerge 10 years later, when I found myself living in California, divorced, with a young son; and needing to make a living.
I was already making costumes for my then 2 year-old son – who would only wear costumes! – so the creation of a Children’s Fantasy Costume business, was but a small leap.
Then I discovered the magical world of Art & Craft shows – and my audience!
Something about the shows tapped into my gypsy roots (on my Irish mother’s side) and probably my English market town roots, also. I not only really enjoyed them, but the type of women who frequented them loved my clothing!
I had found the way to be home with my son during the week and sell my designs on the weekends, when my son was with his dad.
Naturally, in that setting, it did not take long for my passion for women’s design to re-emerge and take over.

Then, in the early 1990’s I was introduced to the divine artistry of Kristine St Rrik.
It was love at first sight.
I visited her workshop with my business partner of the time and we soon began a collaboration.

Kristine introduced me to the greater world of fabric dyeing; including the techniques of tie-dye, over-dye and discharge dyeing.
She was truly a master in the realm of color, unique design and incorporating both color and pattern into her designs.
I was bold. I had always mixed different fabrics into my designs and used stenciling & fabric painting, but Kristine’s vision and boldness were in another realm.

Fortunately, Jo Pitcairn, my partner in the UK since the mid 1990s, is also a brilliant dye artist and amazing with color. (She even lives in a 16th Century converted round dye house in Somerset!)

I danced (both literally and figuratively) among the joyful canvas of URU clothing for several decades, until, one day in 2014, Kristine was gone – leaving the world less colorful – but blessed by her legacy of creativity.
Kristine’s passing, then the Covid epidemic – and getting older, of course! – brought a huge chapter of my life to an end. I retired.

…But eventually, the floor to ceiling boxes of clothing in my workshop began calling me. In the last few years, I have been going through my tons of URU inventory.

It’s been a labor of love to sort out and, in many, cases to re-imagine this inventory, changing some items entirely, re-dyeing others as well as fixing those put aside due to minor damage.
As you look through the clothing on this website, remember that each piece encapsulates fragments of this journey—a tribute to my roots, my pursuit of individuality, beauty & creativity through the medium of clothing and the legacy forged with Kristine – and with Jo.

So, please, meet me in my happy place, at an event dedicated to joy, fun and design, where we can meet face to face.

YOU, the customers I love, have a part in this, too.
Thank you for your decades of support, enthusiasm and love. My life has been deeply enriched by you. In fact, you are the reason I am (briefly) back doing shows.
I have made a promise to David that this year will be my last UK show – it’s a LOT for me to manage.
In California I am hoping to get to the Bay Area for one last gathering with as many of you can make it.
I did intend to be at the Craneway Pavilion event in the Bay Area in Nov 2023 – but David got into a motorbike accident and I had to cancel both the show at Craneway and the one at the Pasadena Convention Center. I hope to have that chance again this year. David is still recovering from a bad leg break. He’s mainly doing fine, for which we are grateful – it could have been a lot worse!

Please join me at one of the craft fairs I will be exhibiting at this year.

May Kindness prevail on our beautiful planet. 💗

With love.
Michelle xx